Changeling Spokane

Session Two

We met Marcus the drug dealer and tortured him into revealing his supplier and their meeting schedule. The group is now planning for the meeting with Marcus’ mysterious supplier (though I hear his name is Brett) and holding Marcus captive at a rundown cabin in the forest where the meeting is to be held.

Our First Session
Questions and Dismemberment

In our first session, Charles Flurry was asked by his court to assist a new member of the freehold, Seamus, with disposing of his fetch and reclaiming his mortal life. In an effort to gather more information Charles Flurry wandered the bars of Disautel’s run seeking any who might know the fetch or any of his associates. Finding one talkative drunk he managed to ascertain the identities of the fetch’s partner’s in crime, Dale and Steve. They appear to be running a smalltime drug venture on which pretense Charles has opened the door to arranging a meet.

Meanwhile, having been supplied with the address of his fetch Seamus paid the unfortunate soul a visit and promptly murdered and disemboweled his dog (despite the puppydog eyes), spreading the viscera in a less than artful fashion around the porch and knock knock knocking on his door (with an axe) to draw attention to his work. While departing from the scene of the crime Seamus noted a red headed woman in a nurses outfit arriving at the residence. He basked in her sorrow as she mourned the loss (and desecration) of her canine companion.

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